Kern County Sheriff's Department to release all video related to David Silva death

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Kern County Sheriff Department's public information officer Ray Pruitt told 23ABC that the department will be releasing almost all of the video they have acquired in the alleged beating death of David Silva.

Silva's death has gained national attention after security footage was released to 23ABC showcasing the number of deputies involved and the details surrounding the death of Silva.

Sheriff Donny Youngblood said in a press conference Thursday afternoon, that the cause of death for Silva was accidental. The coroner's report showed Silva to have died of cardiac hypertension.

Youngblood said that there was amphetamine and methamphetamine
found in Silva's system and that Silva had Vicodin and other drugs in his pocket. Youngblood blames the media and says, "They raced to be first; not to be right."

Youngblood continued saying that all of the baton strikes used by the deputies were within policy and none of the strikes were to the face or neck.

He said, "The media is who controls the emotion."

Youngblood continued saying that deputies had to have extra protection and guards as there were threats against them.

Youngblood said that Silva's BAC was .095 and had methamphetamine, amphetamine, ethanol, clonazempam, and caffeine in his system.

Youngblood said that during the struggle, a K9 was deployed and Silva grabbed the dog around the neck and began choking the dog.

Youngblood said that only 3 of the deputies involved deployed any baton strikes.

Pruitt said they will be releasing the dash cam video from the California Highway Patrol cars that were at the scene.

Pruitt has since called the station and said the department will not be releasing the CHP dash cam video.

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