Kern County Sheriff's deputy helps woman deliver baby

Baby girl delivered by sheriff's deputy

BAKERSFIELD - Deputies with the Kern County Sheriff’s Office often find themselves in dangerous situations.  They investigate and help with many cases including delivering a baby.

Deputies see a lot of things while on patrol and it’s their training that prepares them to face any situation including helping deliver a baby.

Sheriff’s Deputy Blake Edwards is part of the gang enforcement team and is on patrol at the Kern County Fair.  It’s a job he’s had for two years and he thought he had seen it all.

"This job isn't all about the negativity.  Every now and then you're involved in an amazing event and I was just blessed to be a part of it," said Edwards.

Right before he was heading to work, deputy Edwards visited a local gas station to grab some water and that’s when he heard a woman cry for help.

"I walked over to her car and she advised me her sister was going into labor.  I asked her if she has had any kids prior, she told me she had two.  This is her third.  I asked how far are her contractions were, she told me five minutes," he said.

Edwards sat with the woman who was lying in the back seat of her sedan.

"The mom wasn't making very much noise at all, which typically in my experience isn't normal so, I was kind of worried about the mom," he said.

The woman only spoke Spanish so her sister translated her every word to deputy Edwards.

"I was talking to her, I saw the baby start to crown and that's when I just saw the head starting to come out and I noticed the cord was wrapped around the neck and the baby was looking up to the left so, I held the baby's head with my left hand, cut the cord and made sure it came out," he said.

The deputy says the woman stopped at the gas station originally because they knew they wouldn’t be able to make it to the hospital in time.  Edwards says his law enforcement training and his experience being a father helped him through the delivery.

"I was just very glad the mom and the baby are okay, everything worked out for the best.  Congrats to the family and I wish them well," he said.

We’re told mom and the new baby girl are doing just fine.  They are resting and spending much of their time with family.

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