Kern High School District creates Twitter pages for high schools to keep in touch with students

High schools create twitter page to alert students

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - From Facebook to Twitter, social media sites have become the way to reach teenagers.

"I think its a way for people to keep up with stuff and see what people are talking about," said East Bakersfield high school student Cecilia Johnson.

All the schools within the Kern High School District are following the Twitter trend, with East high having launched its twitter page at the beginning of October.

"Technology is growing so fast and schools aren't always up to date with technology so this is one way we are trying to keep contact with our students through this technology that's available to them," said East Bakersfield high school teacher Justin Brooks.

"It's pretty popular. You can go on it and you can re-tweet what's going on in the school and others who are not following the school can know what's going on just in case," said Johnson.

The school's tweets include emergency alerts, school activities, schedule updates, and study tips.

Students without a Twitter account can sign up to receive text messages from Twitter.

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