Kern Medical using laughing gas during labor

Posted at 10:28 AM, Apr 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-10 13:28:06-04
Doctors at Kern Medical are using nitrous oxide for pregnant patients that want a different way to cope with labor pains.
"We can offer this to patients when they begin labor, during the delivery, and even after the baby is born", said Juan Lopez, Chairman of obstetrics at Kern Medical.
The nitrous oxide or laughing gas used at Kern Medical is 50 percent nitrous oxide and 50 percent oxygen. Doctors say its a safe option and patients start feeling the effects within 30 seconds.
"The advantages of nitrous oxide is it does not accumulate in the fetal tissue", said Lopez.
Kern Medical started offering the nirtous oxide six months ago, but it's been used for many years across Europe, Canada, and Australia to help relieve labor pain.
Most patients are eligible to use it except in cases where the patient can't hold the mask to their face or may have a vitamin deficiency.