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Moto-Weekend races into Buttonwillow and Bakersfield

Posted: 12:21 PM, Oct 20, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-20 20:13:49Z
Moto-Weekend races into Buttonwillow and Bakersfield

On Oct 20 and 21 Kern County residents will get to experience motorcycle racing firsthand.  

Moto-Weekend is a 2-day mock road racing event hosted by the M1GP American Mini Motorcycle Road R acing Association . The organization hosts races and rider clinics throughout Southern California.

Young Lee, owner of M1GP, says the purpose of Moto-Weekend is to make motorcycle racing more accessible to those outside of the racing community.

"It's for everyone," Lee said. "If you can ride a bike, if you can balance, you can do this [motorcycle racing]."

Moto-Weekend is open to experienced riders and newcomers. Attendees as young as five years old can try out bikes, complete with safety gear as well.

Bakersfield parent and rider, Scott Tillery, says road racing is a lot safer than many parents think.

There’s worse things to do with our children,” He said. “This is a way that I can participate with my children and we can come out here and have some fun.”

Tillery and his two sons all ride. His youngest son is six-years-old and will be riding for the first time at Moto-Weekend.

Lee said they also hope to encourage more women to participate in racing and riding.

Jasmine Nichols of Roseville is the only girl and the youngest child in a family of riders, but is the only one of her siblings to race competitively. She said she hopes more girls try out racing.

We do a lot of scary things in life and this is one of them. So, just try it and see what happens.” She said.

Her father, Mike Nichols, said in racing, it doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a boy.

She’s got natural talent and she loves it … Female doesn’t make a difference in the world,” Nichols said. “Any father or mother out there that has a daughter that wants to get on a motorcycle, encourage them. Why not?”

Moto-Weekend runs 9AM to 4PM on Saturday, October 20 at Buttonwillow Kart Track and Sunday, October 21 at Bakersfield Kart Track. Registration costs cover safety gear and biking riding.