Motorcycle overturned during Kern County Sheriff's Deputy pursuit

Suspect suffered major injuries

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A motorcyclist was found overturned on a sidewalk near Park Drive and Eucalyptus Drive, after a Kern County's Sheriff's Deputy lost him during pursuit on Saturday night.

37-year-old Marcus Salazar was involved in a high speed chase with a Deputy that began on Dorothy Street.

The chase continued eastbound on Eucalyptus Drive. As Salazar approached the intersection of Eucalyptus and Fairfax Road, he failed to stop for a red traffic light and continued eastbound traveling at a high speed.

The deputy lost sight of the motorcycle and discounted the pursuit, but later found the motorcycle overturned next to an electric pole with Salazar laying next to it.

Salazar suffered major injuries and was transported to Kern Medical Center by Hall Ambulance.

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