New school offers support to home-school education

Parents find alternative education

BAKERSFIELD, Calif - A new school with a unique concept has just started in Bakersfield this semester catering to families looking for support with home-school education.

Legacy Christian Academy is a new approach to education which combines the most positive aspects of public, private and home schools.
The semester opened with huge success as many parents took advantage of the new, hybrid school.

Some families came from the public school background.

"We were looking for an alternative to public school," said Kara Hatcher, parent.

Others came from the home-school background.

"A light bulb went off, I felt it was the perfect thing for us," said Stacie Campbell, parent.

The academy combines the benefits of public, private and home-school that uses a university model schedule.
The schedule alternates 2-3 days of professional, in-class instruction each week with teacher-directed, parent-implemented days at home.

"The children come to school two days a week and they do home study the other three days, said Paula Cowan, administrator.

Legacy's core values are grounded in faith-based education that partner with parents to raise their children and equip them for college.

"We can move them on if they are ready for more. We can support them if they don't have enough support. We individualize their learning. That is a huge advantage of what we can do here at Legacy," said Cowan.

The school aims for educational success with small class sizes and their fully credentialed staff.

"Being able to move at the pace we want, so if one of my children is excelling in math and I want to push in math, we can do that. We are not restricted to a set curriculum," said Hatcher.

Parents can still maintain the home-school attitude for their child's character development.

"We wanted to tailor our kids' education and interest. We also wanted to have a lot of time with our kids, we wanted to be their primary influencers," said Campbell.

Anyone wishing to inquire about the schools success just ask one of the students.

"I like being home and I like being at school and I get to do both and get to spend time with my family," said Haylie Cobb, student.

The next open enrollment is in January and the school serves kindergarten through sixth grade, but will eventually go all the way through high school.

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