More than 100 trees planted at fairgrounds

Tree Foundation has planted over 14k since 1993


There are a few changes you might see next time you’re visiting the Kern County Fairgrounds.  The new look will help improve the air we breathe.

Young people in Kern County are learning a valuable lesson on horticulture.

"I think the idea of the beautification project in general helps to bring the entire community closer and not only should the adults have the opportunity to volunteer for these but also kids, high school kids.  So, its really great thing for teachers to have the opportunity to give the kids the opportunity to volunteer," said Gabriel Glazer, volunteer with the program.

125 trees are being planted on the 160 acres of the Kern County Fairgrounds.

"We just want to beautify this area because its an area in Kern County where everyone loves to come like the fair or whatever events they have and some people just don’t like the lack of trees so, were here to just plant some trees,” he said.

The Tree Foundation of Kern County is heading up the program that also gives youth valuable horticulture skills and taking on new responsibilities.  Leaders say it’s part of their dedication towards advancing sustainable urban and community forestry in the area.

The foundation has planted more than 14,000 trees since 1993 giving some much-needed shade through out Kern County.

"I love to beautify Bakersfield.  I was born here so, I take a lot of pride in my hometown.  You can see by the amount of volunteers we have, they take a lot of pride in their hometown too," said Melissa Iger of the Tree Foundation of Kern.

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