Parents Contact 23abc After Discovering A Grown Man Contacting Their Daughters Through Facebook

Concerned Parents Find Facebook Predator - A viewer called 23ABC after he found out a grown man was trying to contact his young daughters and all of their friends on Facebook.

When local father Chris Wheeler noticed that John Haynes, 36  explicit sexual comment made on one of his daughter's photos and he immediately reacted.

"It's actually sickening. It's sickening. You never know who you're children are in contact with and who they are letting into their everyday lives," Said Wheeler.

After some research, Wheeler discovered that Haynes was actually a married, father of 2 living in Oklahoma City.

"There's probably close to 300 girls in Bakersfield out of 800 friends he has....He's continuing to add. Just last night he added 9 more girls and 3 were from the Bakersfield area," Said Wheeler.

Wheeler then confronted Haynes and his wife through Facebook messages but has not received any responses. He hopes this is a lesson to other families with kids who use social media to be careful who you befriend.

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