Philip Dhanens laid to rest

Hundreds turn out for teens funeral

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The funeral for 18-year-old Philip Dhanens was held Friday.

Dhanens is the former Garces High School football player who police said died after a night of heavy drinking at a frat party at Fresno State.

Hundreds turned out for the funeral at St. Phillip Catholic Church.           

People 23ABC spoke to say Dhanens was an amazing person they will never forget.

Friends and family say Dhanens was a larger-than-life figure whose death they hope will serve as a warning to other young people.

"That’s the thing that Philip is going to carry on, and I think a lot of kids are going to think, and this is going to help these kids make better choices and decisions," said Jim Maples, Dhanens’ high school football coach.

Fresno police say they are still investigating Dhanens’ death.

They say they just finished interviewing 62 people and are still going over all the evidence.

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