Police and probation officers conduct sweep

Police follow up on outstanding warrants

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Thousands of families in the community live in fear and are scared to be in the one place they should feel safe.

Domestic violence is a serious and ongoing problem in Bakersfield.

In an effort to help victims, police and county probation officers went searching for 161 suspects wanted for crimes committed inside their homes.

Police said so far this year, they have had over 1,500 calls related to the crime resulting in over 1,000 arrests.

The sweep on Wednesday happened because October is domestic violence awareness month.

"We as a nation seek to celebrate for survivors, congratulate advocates, empower victims and mourn those who have been lost due to domestic violence," said Sgt. Jason Matson. "At BPD, we want to recognize this."

Of the 161 outstanding warrants, 22 people were arrested.

"Many people are worried for their safety," said Louis Gill, the executive director of the Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault. "That is an ongoing problem, we know that. After that initial split, the next 18 months is the most dangerous for them. Sometimes, unfortunately, its fatal. The work today removed that for a number of people . There are 22 homes tonight that are safer. That's good work."

Police vowed to catch the 139 people who were not found on Wednesday.

"We do our best, but suspects often move to different locations," said Matson. "They could be out of town, they could be at work, there is all kinds of factors that go into it. We go with the best information we are able to compile at that time. If there are any leads that we can actively pursue, we will develop this investigation, and we will continue to do so beyond today's sweep."

If someone you know is a victim of domestic violence and needs assistance, you can call the Alliance Against Family Violence at 661-327-1091.

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