Political season helps increase a local business

Area man sees big profit from small business

BAKERSFIELD - The November elections are a little over two weeks away, which means more and more political signs will be popping up around town and keeping one local man busier than usual.

Rafael Anguiano doesn’t have too much spare time these days, but this is just a typical day.

Anguiano runs a sign shop on the southwest side of Bakersfield, in a corner on the parking lot of a gas station.  His office space is 8 x 6, too small to hold a lot of things, but big enough to be creative.

“I always have stuff to do, you know. Even small or big, I always have something to do," said Anguiano.

And now that Election Day is getting closer his business is booming.  In addition to creating signs for his regular customers he’s also making campaign signs.

"I'm pretty good at managing my time. Like if I tell you tomorrow you’re going to have it, no matter what, tomorrow you’re going to have it.  No matter how many hours I have to work for you, tomorrow you’re going to have it," he said.

Anguiano doesn’t advertise because the office is on a busy intersection.  He relies on word of mouth and that seems to be working.  He attracts plenty of traffic, good and bad.

The business was vandalized before so, owners made a few changes.  They use laptops that go home at night; they use less expensive equipment and have installed a security alarm.

The Sign Align started four years ago as a hobby and when Anguiano graduated and started managing the business he was able to offer more to the community.

"Signs are important because if you don’t have a good image, a good attraction to make you different from the others you’re not going to be able to attract good customers.  You need a good image, a good slogan that can identify you to bring you more customers," said Anguiano.

The Sign Align expects to be busy through November and business should return to normal, the day after Election Day.

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