Report released showing officers' perspective in violent arrest captured on camera

Posted at 3:52 PM, Jun 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-13 18:58:37-04

Bakersfield Police released a report Monday detailing what happened leading up to a viral video taken of officers beating what looked like a homeless man as they arrested him.

Officer Blume, saw a man, later identified as Robert Woodson, jay walking in the 1700 block of 23rd Street.

The man had a dirty appearance, no socks or shoes and a cast on his right wrist.


Officer Blume attempted to stop the man, asking him to put his hands above his head and turn around, Woodson said "I didn't do what you think I did," and started walking away.

In the report, Blume repeatedly asked Woodson to stop, to which he replied "No," and started running.

Officer Blume ran after Woodson, crossing the street several times, causing traffic to slow as Woodson and the officer dodged cars.

Officer Blume removed his collapsible baton and asked Woodson to get on the ground. Woodson did not listen and instead turned away, causing the officer to fear for his safety, according to the report.

Blume then hit Woodson's right knee twice, making him fall to the ground. Blume waited for other officers to arrive, demanding Woodson roll onto his stomach and stop resisting.

Woodson did not listen.

Officer Dunn and Selman arrived and a struggle ensued when Officer Selman tried to grab Woodson's left arm, Woodson kicked at the officer's waist.

Officers each attempted to get Woodson to comply by using their fists or knees to roll him over. They tased him, used the baton again. Woodson still resisted.

He was tased again, and hit with the baton, still he resisted.

Another officer arrived, Officer Clayton.

Blume was able to handcuff Woodson's left wrist, the cast made it difficult to handcuff the right wrist. Officers then used a shackle to handcuff the other arm and Woodson was taken into custody.

Woodson was transported to Kern Medical Center, where he was evaluated. He has scratches on his face, elbow, and ankle. 

Woodson was arrested on suspicion of assault of a police officer, resisting a police officer and jaywalking.