Route 99 rest areas re-opened

Rest areas were in need of fixing due to aging

TIPTON, Calif. -  

The  California  Department  of  Transportation  (Caltrans)  announced  the re-opening  of the Philip S. Raine Safety Roadside Rest Areas on northbound and  southbound  State  Route 99 just north of the city of Tipton in Tulare County.   

The  rest  area was re-opened to the motoring public this week after the completion of construction.

Construction  of  this  $8.5  million  dollar  project began in May 2011 to rehabilitate and upgrade the existing rest areas. 

Work included demolition and  replacement  of  the  building structures, construction of maintenance storage  and  California  Highway  Patrol facilities, upgrade of utilities, walks,  and  site  furnishings,  upgrade  of  the  water  treatment system, upgraded electrical services and replacement of site signage.

The Philip S. Raine Safety Roadside Rest Area was originally constructed in 1965  with  previous  upgrades  added  in 1984.

These rest areas serve both northbound and southbound State Route 99 traffic. 

Due to the increased use of  State  Route  99 and the aging facilities, the rest area was in need of rehabilitation  and  upgrades.   Improvements necessary for compliance with the  American  Disabilities  Act  (ADA)  requirements  were  also  made  in conjunction with this project.

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