School leaders hope more students will consider playing the trombone

Teachers hope students give trombone a chance

BAKERSFIELD - The trombone plays a big part in every successful high school band, but every year fewer and fewer students are taking on the rather large instrument.  Leaders with the Bakersfield City School District are hoping to stir up interest by hosting a special day where students play and learn everything about the trombone.

Daniel Garcia, 10, likes everything about his instrument and since he first heard someone play it, his interest has grown.

"Because I got inspired by a trombone player," he said.

That’s something school leaders want other students to experience.

"Music is one of the most important art forms we have in the human race," said Robert Soto, Professor of Trombone at Fullerton College.

Trombone Day is an event where young people learn to appreciate the music that’s created from this powerful instrument.

"When I was in school, the trombone was a very popular instrument.  I was in elementary band and we had 25 trombone players, but you know in some schools, there's one, two, three, there's five and just that's probably it," said Soto.

Students are learning from teachers and musicians who have made playing the trombone a career about the important role it has in any band.

"Without the trombone, everything can sound a little shallow so; the trombone is kind of everybody's stance on the trombone shoulders so we're doing our best to have those instruments represented in the program as well," said Nick Rail, president of Nick Rail Music.

School leaders hope students interested in being part of band can now give the trombone a second chance.

"We feel that music education is important, not for just students, but our entire community.  It's really the source for everyone," said Doug Steinmetz, district manager for Yamaha Corporation.

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