BPD searched late into the night for a weapon but haven't found one yet

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A BPD officer is on paid administrative leave after shooting and killing a suspect in East Bakersfield Tuesday Evening.

It happened just before 5 p.m.. in an alley on Niles and Miller Street. According to BPD, the officer was driving near the intersection of Pacific and Miller Streets when he claims to have spotted 28 year old Jonathon Lopez carrying what he thought was a gun. But when he ordered Lopez to stop, he refused and a foot pursuit began.

The officer ran after Lopez and shot him from behind. BPD officers said they performed CPR on Lopez until Hall ambulance arrived, however several witnesses said they just left him cuffed on the sidewalk.

Witnesses at the scene told 23ABC on camera that Lopez laid on the ground and yelled loudly that he did not have weapon. They also claimed to see officers walk up and shoot Lopez in the back.

"He was screaming, I surrender, I don't have a gun! And they ran, they were still shooting. They ran up and kept shooting him, and shooting him, and shooting him. I feel they shouldn't have shot him if he's yelling, I don't have a gun and he's laying on the floor," said Kapreece Castaneda.

"I ran into the back alley where he was he was handcuffed face down and I could see holes in his back," said Nelson Dale.

Police shut off a 2 block radius in order to search for the weapon that the officer claimed to have seen him drop on the Northeast Corner of an apartment complex on Pacific and Niles. They enlisted the help of the Bakersfield Fire Department's ladder for the search after receiving a tip of a possible weapon's location.

Anyone with information on the investigation is urged to contact the BPD at 327-7111.


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