Teens in foster care learn about the real world

Independent City teaches youth about adulthood


Many local teens in foster care are getting a taste of the real world, learning life skills from the Department of Human Services.

Independent City is an interactive experience where foster youth learn about the ups and downs of adulthood.  More than 70 young people signed up for the event. 

Some of the workshops included lessons on how to rent an apartment to turning on your utilities and how to set up a budget.  The youth also participated in an employment roundtable that taught them about creating a resume and having good interview skills.

“They are capable of doing all these things that they need to learn that we all have to do as adults.  I really want them to know if they need help to ask for it through the Department of Human Services or through some other agency, but I really want them to not be afraid of what it's like to live on their own, but be excited about it," said Jennifer Robbins who helped organize the event.

The foster youth received life kits as part of the Independent Living Program.  The kits included 18 items that cover all the basics a youth needs to start out on their own.

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