Threatening sign regarding speeding, child safety in Northwest Bakersfield catches attention

Sign: "You hit my kid, you will be shot!"

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A sign reading: "WARNING: You hit my kid, you will be shot!!!" has caught attention in Northwest Bakersfield on Thursday morning.

Phillip and Danielle, the creators of the sign, posted it in their neighborhood and said they are tired of all the cars speeding through the area.

There are no speed limit signs in the neighborhood, but the speed limit in a residential neighborhood in Kern County is listed at 25 mph.

Phillip has looked into speed bumps, talked to his homeowners association and Bakersfield Police Department about resolving the matter. But he said cars are still speeding at about 40 mph through the streets.

The BPD has said that the parents are not breaking any laws because they are not threatening a specific person; however, BPD said they do not condone this behavior and if someone has an issue regarding traffic or speed, then they should contact them.


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