Two men try to kidnap a young girl in broad daylight while several people walked nearby.

Attempted kidnapping as several people walk nearby

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Nightmares of Tuesday's reality haunts the 13 year old female victim.

"While I closed my eyes I just kept picturing the guy's face and what he said to me. I jumped up and I was sitting up in bed and crying," said the girl, whose identity 23 ABC is concealing for her safety.

She told 23 ABC she was at the Beale library downtown with her dad Tuesday around 2:45 in the afternoon when she went out to their car to retrieve something.

Police say the young girl was walking through the library's parking lot when a van pulled up to her and the driver tried to coax her inside.
"He said 'hey come here I need to ask you something.' I said 'no' and started running," said the victim.

She said she tried to run around the van.

That's when another man jumped out of the car and tried to grab her.

"The guy in front of me was trying to get me. He put his arms out and had a strange laugh," said the victim.

The girl managed to dodge out of the way and run back into the library.

The men escaped.

The victim says now she's afraid to go anywhere alone.

"I was scared. Now I know to carry around pepper spray," said the victim.

Police are looking for the attempted kidnappers.

They are described as two Caucasian men 40 to 50 years old with grey hair.

The driver also has blue eyes and facial hair.

They were driving a maroon colored van with a gold stripe--possible a lightning bolt along the sides.

Anyone with information about this should call the Bakersfield Police Department at 326-3544.


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