Via Arte attracts many young local artist

Area teens help create art at Marketplace

BAKERSFIELD - Many local artists are unlocking their imaginations and turning a Bakersfield parking lot into a gallery of masterpieces.  It’s all part of the annual Via Arte at the Marketplace.

Maurilio Garcia of Foothill High School is making sure his design is picture perfect.

“You have to do a grid.  If you don’t do a grid, it’s going to be hard and you’ll be off,” he explained.

Garcia is taking part in the Via Arte street festival, a place where he can use chalk to show off his skills and interest.

“Matt Kemp for the L.A. Dodgers. I was just trying to do something for like sporty. I didn’t see nothing sporty so, I wanted to do something sporty.  I like sports," he said.

The festival people from all over California come and watch students create their pieces from beginning to end.

“I think being able to be out here with their families and friends, to see that art is part of our world and culture. You get to show off what you do, you learn something in the classroom, but now you actually get to apply it,” said Laura Chilarducci, Kern County District Arts Facilitator.

This form of street art attracts hundreds of students each year, turning the Bakersfield Marketplace into an interactive experience.

Street paintings are made inside a four by six foot square.  Students use drawings they bring home to inspire their art.

“You see all this wonderful art work and you have students here ages 5 through 18 and its just wonderful expressive art work very talented and you can see they all like working together,” she said.

Chalk is provided for the young artists and although their work at the Marketplace parking lot may not last long, the experience will last forever.

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