Volunteers from Kern County are helping many people after Hurricane Sandy hits the east coast

Kern County Red Cross sending volunteers out east

BAKERSFIELD - New Yorkers won't be seeing life return to normal for at least several more days, but they've taken several big steps towards recovery.

California is among the states helping people along the east coast after hurricane sandy left many homes and businesses in the dark.

For now the Kern County American Red Cross is sending three volunteers to New York where they will spend three weeks getting people back on their feet.

Leslie Wilson is the emergency services manager for the Kern County Chapter of the American Red Cross and she's making sure volunteers have everything they need as they make their way to the east coast.

"We have our volunteers trained to deal with people in crisis to know how to meet their needs and to recognize what those needs are," said Wilson.

Leaders with the Kern County Red Cross say nearly 11,000 people spent Monday night in more than 250 shelters across 16 states.

"It's important because it gives back something back to society, something I feel that's it everybody's obligation to do something to help another person that is in more need than we are," said Elena Avreu, volunteer.

Volunteers being deployed will serve as sheltering service associates providing care for people displaced as a result of super storm sandy.

"We do intensive training so, I’ve had all sorts of classes.  I'm a nurse, but I also have training in sheltering and feeding and save and well, and client services so, you do all those things along the way so, when the need arises it's hey I’m ready," said volunteer, Diane Ellison.

People around Kern County "not" traveling to the east coast are lining up at the Houchin Community Blood Bank. 

"I had to come in and have iron test and fill out some questions and things like that and then when i was all done, they put it in the computer and sent me back,” said donor Brandy West.

The blood bank is being asked to support platelet needs and are on standby to help blood banks affected by "Sandy."

"Right now we're concerned about whether we can even get platelets through because FedEx is obviously not working very well back there so we're monitoring the situation, but we still need a steady stream of people coming in for the next few days," said Carola Enriquez of Houchin Community Blood Bank.

People with 0-blood, experienced platelet donors and any A or B blood donors in particular are asked to call the blood bank and make an appointment.

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