Workers contracted by security company still waiting for payday

Group works Black Friday 2011 and still no pay

BAKERSFIELD - More than forty people contracted by a company based in southern California to provide security services during Black Friday 2011 are still waiting to get paid.

Angelo Barraza is leading the fight against Langner Security, a company providing unarmed and armed security guard officers to large and small clients.

Barraza is still unemployed.  Last fall, he missed Thanksgiving dinner with his family for the opportunity to work a job as a security guard.  He found the listing on Craigslist.  The ad promised people $14 an hour to work Black Friday.  Barraza says the security company was contracted by Walmart to provide extra security during one of its biggest shopping days of the year.

The company promised workers a pay check the very next day and Barraza says he and many other workers waited at their job sites as instructed and nobody showed up.  After weeks of no returned phone calls or emails, Barraza and other workers filed a complaint with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and through that agency discovered the security company had other complaints.

"I felt kind of worried.  Everybody had families; they didn't get that money to support their families for food or anything," he said.

Barraza continues to look for work online as he waits for that $154 paycheck.  According to the Division of Labor, with penalties and fees, Barraza is expected to get a little more than, they say a little over $2,000.

Langner Security has a website and most of the numbers listed are disconnected.  We did reach a worker on one of those phone lines, he referred us to the Los Angeles office where we left a message.  We also checked the company’s Facebook page and the number there, also not working.

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