Made in Kern County: Salty's BBQ

Posted at 9:32 PM, Nov 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-11 00:32:54-05

Kern County is on the political map, we’re famous for our fruits and veggies and we drill lots of oil—

but recently it’s our restaurants that are creating a buzz around the nation. 

It’s what is still bringing thousands of out-of-towners through our area to eat at this week’s made in Kern County business. 

It was 2015, when famed Food Network star Guy Fieri came to Bakersfield, stopping by several businesses including Salty’s BBQ in northwest Bakersfield.

We visited Salty’s second location, on White lane to see what impact the show has had—and how this Bakersfield barbecue joint has quickly become one of the most respected restaurants in the area. 

Jeff Salters, who left a career in the food distribution business has always had a passion for cooking. Salters started cooking for friends and family, and eventually branched out to catering. 

It’s been 4-years since Salters opened his first Satly’s BBQ location on Rosedale Highway, a few years later White Lane was open. “You dream of something like this so when we had the opportunity to back in 2012 to open up, it was a dream come true,” Salters said. 

Dreams that are coming alive with every tri tip, chicken and brisket cooked slowly to perfection. “I want to have people come to a place where they’re comfortable, feel respected and enjoy the food,”  Salters said. 

Salty’s has two Bakersfield locations: 

9425 Rosedale Highway 661-587-8437

6801 White Ln 661-847-9955