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Made in Kern County: Secure Systems

Protecting Kern County for more than 30 years
Posted: 4:14 PM, Aug 23, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-23 23:14:43Z
Made in Kern County: Secure Systems
Made in Kern County: Secure Systems
Made in Kern County: Secure Systems
Made in Kern County: Secure Systems
Made in Kern County: Secure Systems
Made in Kern County: Secure Systems

All over Bakersfield, and Kern County business owners and residents rest easy knowing their most prized possessions and family heirlooms are under the watchful eye of a company with nearly 40-years experience.

Secure Systems, founded by Bruce and Molly Busacca in 1980, growing over the years. 

Today serving thousands of companies and businesses-most notably the Kern High School District, Bakersfield Christian high school, Sangera Auto Group, and thousands of homes all over the valley.

Burglar alarms and fire protection systems keeping their clients safe.

We visited one of those businesses that secure systems protects right off of Truxton avenue Winkersham Company, established in1901—their security needs have changed in that time, they need the best and the most state-of-the-art equipment—to protect the millions of dollars of merchandise inside. 

Bruce Busacca taking us inside Wickersham to show us all that goes into the securing the jewelry company—a location that has been the target of burglars over the years.

“On a project like this we have to put in multiple layers of security so we have protection on the outside of the pretty letting us know if anyone is attempting to get into the property,” said Busacca. “We also have a 360 degree camera here so we have see everything."

Once you are buzzed it you go into a secondary room. “To get into this area, we have bullet proof windows and bullet proof doors,” he showed us. 

The customers clearing that level of security, once inside Busacca has installed a network of high-tech cameras and window sensors. 

“So we have cameras through out the facility that are 360 degree, 12 megapixel really high resolution cameras that can see everything square inch of this property and even price of jewelry, which is extremely important."

Those expensive wedding rings, exquisite necklaces and Rolex watches, protected with an enhanced safe. “This is a true vault,” he says as we walk in. 

Outfitted with shock sensors able to detect the slightest change in environment that could signal something is wrong.

“If they try to hammer at the walls we've got shock seniors at the building as well, we'll pick all that stuff up as well,” he said. 

Busacca's clients able to monitor their property themselves with pan and tilt cameras and these screens—But when he can't check, Secure Systems will be there with 24-hour monitoring service—controlled from their downtown Bakersfield hub.

The important work in a day-in-age when thefts and brazen burglaries have become common place—as we found during our shoot. 

“This is the exact scenario that you protect against, this is the classic smash and grab,” he says as he watches video on the 23abc Facebook page.

A jewelry store in Valley Plaza Mall burglarized, two suspects smashing the glass display case making off with thousands of dollars in merchandise—the scenario Busacca says they've thought through.

“That's a tough one, you're asking people to come in your store, another one is hire an armed guard, for example Wickesham uses an armed guard."

And while their systems can't stop every crime. Molly and Bruce Busacca say they're the best deterrent.

A secure sense of safety, that began right here in Kern County.