Man Holding Toy Gun Shot To Death By Police

A man holding a replica toy gun was shot to death by a pair of Bakersfield police officers after they found him standing on the sidewalk of a south Bakersfield street early Friday morning.

According to the Bakersfield Police Department, Frank Ramos Sr., 49, made a 911 call from his home on Auberry Ave. at 1:33 a.m., claiming there was a man outside with a gun.

The 911 dispatcher said they could hear Ramos repeatedly saying, "Shoot someone..." over the phone. The dispatcher called back and Ramos' son answered and said Ramos went for a walk.

A patrol car drove into the neighborhood on Faith avenue. Police officers in the car saw Ramos on the sidewalk.

They flashed their spotlight at him. When they pulled up to Ramos, police said Ramos pulled out the replica toy gun and pointed it at officers Robert Robles and Robert Pair.

The officers got out of the car and after several orders for him to drop the toy gun, Robles and Pair both fired at Ramos, striking him several times.

Ramos was taken to Kern Medical Center, where he died in the operating room.

His family said they don't know how or why he ended up with a toy gun. reports the man's wife, Louisa Ramos, is seeking an attorney. She said her husband called the police, and that he was trying to scare away someone he thought was breaking into his car. The news site also mentioned the family said there was an orange tip to the toy gun, so officers should have known the gun was a fake.

Both officers are on paid administrative leave.

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