Officer Shooting At Motel Is Second In Two Years

One of the two deputies involved in the fatal shooting of a suspect on Sunday morning was also involved in the fatal shooting of Douglas Good at the same motel back in March of 2005.

After the shooting, Senior Deputy Sean Pratt was placed on administrative leave and the shooting was later found to be justified.

On Sunday, Pratt and Deputy Jason Nelson were called in to respond to reports of a man vandalizing one of the rooms at a Motel 6 on Brundage Lane with a hammer and confronting a security guard.

When deputies arrived, the suspect, who has been identified as Sigmun Lee, 45, of Las Vegas, Nev., made a threatening advance toward the deputies with the hammer still in hand.

Deputies asked Lee to drop the hammer and when he failed to comply, two deputies fired eight rounds until the suspect dropped to the floor.

Lee was pronounced dead at the scene.

Pratt has again been placed on administrative leave along with Nelson who was also involved in Sunday’s fatal shooting.

Pratt has been with the department for 16 years and Nelson has served for four years.

Sunday morning, Sgt. Wim Leyder of the Kern County Sheriff’s Department said the deputies did what they deemed necessary given the circumstances.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Department has declined to comment on the incident since then, but a representative said the department will comment after the results of the shooting review are in.

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