Police Shoot, Kill Man

Garcia Killed After Refusing To Surrender

A man died after four Bakersfield police officers shot him to death, KERO reported.

Gabriel Garcia was shot and killed while standing at the doorstep of a registered sex offender who lived just down the street from him.

Police said neighbors reported Garcia acting strangely prior to the shooting. They said that after talking with several children in the neighborhood, he ended up on the doorstep of registered sex offender Vincent Verdile.

Garcia reportedly pulled a knife on Verdile, who ran into his home and called 9-1-1.

Police detective Mary Degeare said when officers responded, Garcia was repeatedly ordered to drop the knife and surrender, but he instead continued to kick in Verdile's door.

"At this point, officers had to stop him from going inside and hurting somebody," Degeare said.

Officers Stephen Kauffman, Ryan Newman, Sherman Rooks and Eric Shimon will remain on routine paid administrative leave until the shooting review board completes its investigation.