Former U.S. President Clinton to campaign with President Obama

Campaign using joint appearance to raise money

(CNN) - Former President Bill Clinton will campaign with President Barack Obama in Los Angeles a week from Sunday, an Obama campaign aide told CNN on Thursday.

The campaign is using the joint appearance to raise money.

"If there's one person who knows how hard we need to fight in these final weeks, it's President Clinton. I'm grateful he'll be joining me on the trail. You should be there, too," Obama said in an email to supporters.

The same email offered supporters a chance to attend the event if they donate at least $5 to the campaign.

The California fundraiser will come a few days after Clinton hits the trail for the current president in New Hampshire on Oct. 3. Obama, however, is not scheduled to be at the Granite State event, as it falls on the same day as the first presidential debate.

Clinton has been one of the president's biggest surrogates this cycle. The 42nd president gave a lengthy, high-profile speech for Obama at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., earlier this month. He also campaigned for Obama the following week in Florida, a crucial battleground state.

The former president has also been highly critical of Mitt Romney's so-called 47 percent comments, in which the Republican nominee argued in a secretly recorded video that nearly half of Americans are dependent on the government because they don't pay federal income taxes.

Clinton, however, said Romney's comments largely missed the point and rejected "more than three decades of bipartisan policy to support work and family."

"It's not a bunch of freeloaders," Clinton told CNN's Piers Morgan on Tuesday. "There are only about a little less than four percent of the total population who don't pay federal income tax and don't work and may not be looking for work."

Clinton last appeared with Obama on Tuesday when he introduced the incumbent president at the Clinton Global Initiative. The annual event, established in 2005 by the former president, features discussions and programs on how to spur development in emerging economies.

The former president also introduced Romney at the event earlier in the day.

Clinton is expected to do more events between now and Election Day on behalf of Obama's campaign, although aides are staying mum about the details.

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