Poor Economy Forces Businesses To Open Christmas Day

Many businesses traditionally closed Christmas Day are opening their doors for the first time

Neither wind, rain, nor Christmas Day could keep some businesses from opening, all in the name of money.

Businesses closed and parking lots empty are a common sight Christmas Day. But due to the weak economy, some things have changed.

Panda Express employee Annie Greene said "I know some stores that are never open Christmas but opened this year."

One of those businesses was Forum Salon in Downtown Bakersfield. Salon owner Nina Nguyen said "Because the economy is so slow, I want to make more money."

Panda express was also among the few businesses open today. Many businessowners say they're open today to not only boost sales, but also make up for a lousy year and meet demand.

"You know we noticed alot of people still work holidays. We like to have the store open just so they have something to eat." said Greene.

Panda Express customer Taylor Binnin said, "I'm glad they're open. I was craving orange chicken."

But customers aren't grateful just to have a restaurant open.

"Sure I think its a good idea for businesses to be open. It makes it more conveninet easier for last minute shoppers like me it makes it easier for us."said Moses Neal.

Consumers and shopowners aren't the only ones happy with open businesses, so are many employees.

"Oh I feel great especially right now with the economy so bad. I just feel really lucky to have a job."

Many businesses who are or were open today told us they also plan to be open on New Years.