Sheriff: Serial Rapist In Lake Isabella Is Hoax

ABC23 has received several e-mails and phone calls regarding a serial rapist in the Lake Isabella area. The sheriff's department has confirmed that this is a hoax.

Over the past several days, rumors of a serial rapist have been circulating on social networking websites.

These rumors are being generated by the public and are being spread throughout the Kern River Valley and elsewhere, according to the Kern County Sheriff's Office.

An additional rumor surfaced stating a young female was sexually assaulted, stabbed and her body dumped into the Borel Canal. The KCSO told ABC23 that they has investigated and found nothing to substantiate the rumor.

The KCSO, Kern Valley Substation, is currently investigating a sexual assault that occurred approximately two weeks ago.

The KCSO also told ABC23 that there is a photograph that has been posted identifying a suspected rapist. At this point in their investigation, a suspect has not been determined.

The sheriff’s office has not yet determined where the posted picture came from or the identity of the pictured subject, the KCSO reported.

This investigation is ongoing and has been assigned to Sr. Deputy Scott Lopez.

Here's the messages that ABC23 has received from our viewers:

  • I live in Lake Isabella and there have been 3 or 4 alleged rapes in the last week, including a 15 yr old on halloween. No formal report has been issued, either in our paper our on the news. If this is true, we need to know. I have a daughter myself, and am very worried. The Kern Valley High School has put up fliers warning the kids to not walk alone at night. Can you please look into these allegations, and report if theres truth behind it? This is normally a safe town, and everyone is very scared.
  • There is a rapist in Lake Isabella. He has raped 4 children that I know of for sure, the authorities can vouch for that. I have a composite picture on my phone that I can send to another phone, but cannot email it unfortunately! Please look into this story
  • There are RUMORS in Lake Isabella that there have been anywhere from 2 to 5 rapes. Has your stations reported/investigated this and if so could you provide me with a link. Thank
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