Silva family searching for answers over son's death

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - There are still many unanswered questions tonight in the death of a Bakersfield father.

David Silva died on the corner of Palm Drive and Flower Street after Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies allegedly beat the man.

Silver Creek Park is the place David Silva came to forget about his worries and this basketball court is where family members are remembering him tonight.

Chris Silva remembers all the good times he spent with his older brother.

“This what David loved the most.  David loved basketball,” he said.

As a teenager David Silva was an excellent player and the basketball court became his second home.

“I know this is what he did as a hobby. I just know this is where he came just to get away,” said Silva.

But a few days ago, David Silva’s life came to an unexpected end.

“There’s a man lying on the floor and your police officers beat…and killed him,” said a 911 caller.

“David’s last breathed ended at that corner and where the blood stains are, it ended where’s those blows, being picked up, smashed on the ground, picked up, smashed on the ground, hit, beat, beat, beat, I can count over 20 swings,” said Silva.

The Silva family is waiting for answers as to why they’re loved one who appeared drunk and passed out in east Bakersfield was allegedly beat by sheriff’s deputies.

“The question is why are these people on the street? Why are these nine officers still on the street? Why are they on active duty? And why is that okay,” said Silva.

Authorities seized videos of the beating recorded by eyewitness.  23ABC spoke with Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood who says the incident remains under investigation.

“Whatever videos we have, I haven’t even seen yet, but whatever we have that were seized presume to a search warrant, we’ll make those available, but give us a time to do the investigation,” he said.

Youngblood says cases involving deputies are treated just the same as if it was involving anyone in the public.

“I’m not going to prejudge this, I hope the public has enough patience to give us time to conduct this investigation and I’ll stand up in front of them and tell them the truth,” said Youngblood.

And that truth is something the family is hoping to get.

“He wasn't crying out to die, he was crying to live,” said Silva.

A visitation for David Silva is scheduled for Thursday 4pm-7pm.

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