Six Dead In Private Plane Crash

Six Perish In Fiery Accident

A private plane stalled and crashed near the Kern Valley airport Friday with no survivors.

The Kern County Sheriff's department said there were 4 adults and 2 children on board, including one infant. Adults killed were the pilot, Adam Pasori, 56 of Santa Monica, his wife Sibel, in her 30's, his brother, David Pasori, in his early 40's, and sister Mila Kuygusuz, in her 40's, according to Sal Yaman, Adam Pasori's nephew. Kuygusuz's two daughters, Meriem, 2, and Nasrin, 5 months, were also killed.

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According to Ian Gregor, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, the family had flown from Santa Monica Airport to Kern Valley Airport, headed for a camping trip, where the plane then crashed upon approach.

Tom Little, aircraft investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board, said the plane made a 180 degree left turn to try again, but when Pasori tried to make a second turn to approach the runway, the engine stalled and the plane crashed.

The single-engine Lancair Columbia aircraft was attempting to land on a runway at the Kern Valley Airport on Sierra Way before 6 p.m., according to Jeltje Nelson, airport manager.

Nelson said she had her back turned at the time of the crash, as she was opening the airport coffee shop.

The plane's altitude was too high, and when it began to try another landing, it crashed into a field and was engulfed in flames, according to Nelson. “I heard ‘pop pop’ and that’s it,” she said, “Sounded like gun shots.”

Nelson said there are usually 12-20 aircraft at the hangar. “He was landing. Where he came from I don’t know.”

Asked what’s going to happen at the airport on Saturday, she said, “Probably busy like we always are.”

The Kern Valley airport rests northeast of Bakersfield, Calif. at an elevation of 2614 feet.

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