Soldier Under Fire For Controversial Decal

A local soldier is speaking out after the decal he put on the back of his truck caused some people to call a local talk radio show and complain about the sticker.

Sgt. Mathew Gonzalez said his decal that reads "Lord please forgive me, I have committed sins for our freedom" is a message he created to show that as a Catholic he believes he did sin by killing someone in Iraq.

Other veterans disputed Gonzalez's beliefs by saying that killing on the battlefield is not a sin.

Gonzalez said the message is in no way meant to dishonor the military or other soldiers. He says it's simply a message he came up with to show his beliefs about what he did in Iraq.

Gonzalez was one of the first Army Rangers on the ground in Iraq and served over 13 months in country. He said that if asked again, he would go back to Iraq if that's what it took to keep his family safe.