Spiritual Leader Resigns Over 'In God We Trust' Debate

The president of the Interfaith Alliance of Kern has resigned over placing the motto In God We Trust in high school classrooms.

Rev. Chuck Cournyea said he resigned because the debate over In God We Trust became too political.

Cournyea sent out his resignation letter after attending the school board meeting to oppose putting the motto in Kern County classrooms. He was frustrated with the Kern High School District board members decision and the lack of interest from other groups in opposition who did not speak up.

The Interfaith Alliance was against the display of posters.

He said he became president in hopes to build bridges between faiths. Cournyea said this motto will only tear them down.

"I'm not a politician,” Cornyea said. “I'm a spiritual leader and I found it very frustrating to be there and see this happening knowing that it was politics as usual."

Cornyea said since he made the decision he has received a lot of support from the community and several e-mails encouraging him to form a hew organization.

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