2 tickets hit MEGA Millions jackpot in different states

States will split winnings, each receiving $30.5M

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Just more than a month after the last MEGA Millions jackpot was hit in California, it has happened again.

Except this time, California isn't the only state to have sold a winning ticket.


One lucky ticket also came up big in Massachusetts as well, which means the two states will split the $61 million MEGA Millions jackpot, making each ticket worth $30.5 million.

The ticket sold in California was sold in Fresno, and if the winner chooses the cash option, it will be worth an estimated $23 million.

The jackpot ticket in California was sold at the 7-Eleven located on East Shaw Avenue in Fresno. The lucky retailer will receive a bonus of $152,500. The ticket successfully matched the numbers 37, 46, 52, 13, 40 and the Mega number of 29.

An additional ticket sold in Panorama City for last night’s draw successfully matched five numbers, missing only the Mega number. That ticket is worth $444,824. It was sold at Island Pacific Supermarket on Van Nuys Boulevard.

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