California welcomes new Amazon jobs

New Amazon facility to reside in San Bernardino

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. -, along with elected officials and community leaders, will host an opening ceremony for the company's new San Bernardino fulfillment center.


“I applaud Amazon’s decision to voluntarily invest in California, bringing thousands of jobs to our state,” said board member George Runner.

“Working cooperatively with job creators like Amazon is the most effective way to rebuild California’s economy.”

A new state law, known as AB 155, requires some out-of-state online retailers to start collecting tax as of September 15; however, Runner noted that very few companies have registered so far.

In 2011, Runner was a leading voice in opposition to the so-called “Amazon Tax,” which threatened to destroy thousands of cutting-edge small businesses known as affiliates. After a drawn-out battle, both Runner and Amazon supported compromise legislation, which delayed key provisions of the original legislation until September 15, 2012.

The compromise allowed time for to voluntarily establish a brick and mortar presence in California and renew its working relationships with thousands of California-based affiliates.

“As an elected member of the State Board of Equalization, I have the unique privilege of working with job creators like Amazon,” said Runner. “I want to help those companies succeed in our state in the face of many tax and regulatory obstacles.”

The new Amazon fulfillment center in San Bernardino lies just outside the boundaries of Runner’s current Board of Equalization district. However, in 2014 the district Runner represents will be reshaped by redistricting to include both Amazon’s new San Bernardino and Patterson facilities.


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