Suspect shot twice after high-speed chase

Witnesses: Suspect shouldn't have been shot

MCFARLAND, Calif. - McFarland's Chief of Police reported a dangerous high-speed chase that ended in an officer shooting a suspected thief.

On Monday, Chief Greg Herrington said that two officers were investigating a chop shop ring in a field in McFarland. 

When they confronted the group, Randy Ferreira drove off and left police on a chase to Delano.

Chief Herrington said Ferreira was driving so violently, he drove two civilians off the road and almost hit a group of construction workers.

He then ran out of the car and broke into another vehicle.

Police Chief Herrington said Ferreira led officers through the streets, at some points driving over 70 MPH.

Once in Delano Herrington said the suspect ran out of the black truck and went into another vehicle that didn't belong to him. 

That's when the first shot was fired by Officer Alberto Carillo but Ferreira wasn't hit and he continued running.  He was chased by a CHP officer who fell and got blood all over her.

Sgt. Mike Weber once again tried to get Ferreira to surrender and in fearing for his life he then shot two rounds hitting Ferreria both times.

Some people claim that Ferreria shouldn't have been shot because he has his hands up but Chief Herrington said that's not true.


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