Thieves Target New Homes, Developments

The real estate market is heating up for thieves looking to steal from vacant homes and new developments.

According to local realtors and home developers, thieves are walking away with valuable property, from doors to kitchen appliances.

"Our agents are careful not to listed the property is vacant it doesn't help sale the property and it puts the seller at risk "My guess is they're driving around and staking out the vacant homes," said J.R. Lewis from Watson Realty.

Lewis said houses aren't moving off the market as fast anymore, making it easier for thieves to identify which homes are vacant.

Home developers like Lennox are also seeing an increase of thefts at their sites.

"They'll come in and take these things," said Lennox Homes Vice President Jim Newland. "It will be over-night sometimes and we'll replace them, then the next day they're gone again."

It's money down the drain in additional costs to replace and repair the damage caused during the burglaries.

BPD is working with realtors and home builders to solve the problem, and even home sellers are being asked to help out.

"We urge homeowners to write down the serial number," said Det. Ryan Paslay.

Lennox Homes no longer installs microwaves in its new homes until the home buyer moves in, which is an inconvenience, but a security measure that has offset thefts.

Realtors are also going the extra mile by enlisting the neighbors to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.