Toddler Recovers From Dog Mauling; Police Arrest Mother

Guerrero Attacked By Family Pit Bulls

A 2-year-old boy remains in serious condition after he was attacked by the family pit bulls last Friday.

Sheriff's detectives arrested Vanessa Cruz, 22, and her boyfriend Tony Zavaleta, 23, about 1:30 p.m., Thursday at Valley Children's Hospital in Madera. They have been charged with felony child endangerment.

Investigators said Issac Guerrero's long-term prognosis is unclear but the toddler is showing signs of improvement.

According to investigators, the family pit bulls attacked Guerrero last Friday morning after the boy woke up at home alone.

Guerrero lost his left eye in the attack, and doctors had to reattach his left ear.

Cruz told investigators a baby sitter was supposed to be watching Guerrero on the morning of the attack. But investigators have determined that the individual was not responsible for the boy.

Kern County Child Protective Services will take care of Guerrero once he is released from the hospital.

The dogs remain at animal control where they will be euthanized early next week.

Cruz and Zapaleta face a minimum of one year in jail to six years in prison.

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