Tornado Touches Down Near Mojave

A tornado warning was issued by the National Weather Service in Hanford Saturday afternoon after a trained weather spotter saw a tornado touchdown near the intersection of Rosamond Road and Sierra Highway.

The tornado was reported to be nine miles southwest of Mojave and 21 miles north of Lancaster and was moving 20mph northeast over mostly rural land. The touchdown was reported around 4pm

Along with the weather spotter, Kern County Fire and local law enforcement verified the tornado's touchdown, according to the National Weather Service.

Several funnel clouds were reported in the area of Southeastern Kern County where the warning was issued and Northeastern Los Angeles County where another warning was issued.

The warning in Kern County was extended until 6pm and expired. No other warnings have been issued as of 7pm Saturday night.

Flash flood warnings for the Rosamond, Lancaster and Palmdale areas Saturday afternoon were also issued. Lightning was also reported in the mountains, including at Mt. Breckenridge in Kern County where ABC 23's transmitter is located.

No injuries or damage from the tornado, funnel clouds, lightning or flooding has been reported.

Tornadoes can form anywhere on the planet. During a tornado warning, which means a tornado has been officially spotted on the ground or has been detected on Doppler radar, people should take cover, preferably in a basement. If you don't have a basement an interior room with no windows is preferred. During a tornado warning you should listen to weather radio reports or local TV and radio broadcasts.