Triple Fatal Car Crash

Three people were killed Friday morning after a fiery head-on collision on Houghton Road.

California Highway Patrol Officer Hatfield suffered minor injuries when he a pulled 27-year-old Misty Gibbs of Lamont from the Chevy truck involved in the accident, as he saw that she was on fire.

While he was able to pull Gibbs out, she unfortunately did not survive.

This all started around 11:30am, when the Chevy truck blew the stop sign while heading westbound on Hougton Road at Wible Road at about 65 mph, according to witnesses.

That's when the driver lost control, crossed into on-coming traffic and slammed head on into a Nissan heading eastbound.

The driver of the Nissan and Chevy, both men, died, as did the Chevy's passenger, Gibbs.

"He was unsure, he wasn't sure if (Gibbs) was alive or not at that point," said Capt. Brian Smith of the Bakersfield Office of the CHP. "Seeing her on flames, he just ran into the vehicle to grab her and pull her out ."

Officer Hatfield was taken for a medical check up but his injuries were non-life threatening and considered minor.

The CHP says the Chevy's driver was not wearing his seat belt and that it is unknown if the other two, including Gibes, killed were.

The Coroner's Office says Gibbs was but that the Nissan driver was not and was ejected.

The driver of the Chevty truck is believed to be the husband of Gibbs, but the coroner's office has not officially released his name, nor has the nissan driver's name been released.