Truck Carrying Asphalt Oil Flips on 99 Onramp

Accident Causes Indefinite Closure

A big rig carrying asphalt oil flipped while getting on the southbound onramp to Highway 99 on Tuesday.

The accident happened around 11:20 a.m. and has led to an indefinite closure in the area.

The Airport Drive interchange with Highway 99 is down to one lane, while the onramp to Golden State from Airport is completely shut down. So too is the onramp to southbound 99 from Rio Mirage, where the accident occurred. Highway 99 has not been impacted by a closure.

The big rig over turned and jack knifed and was leaking hot asphalt oil on the side of the freeway. Fire and Hazmat crews are on scene to help clean up the oil.

The California Highway Patrol says there will be an indefinite closure in the area until the big rig and oil are cleaned up.

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