Truck Stop Prostitution

Some Call Them Prostitutes, Others Call Them Lot Lizards

The Citizens Band Radio, or CB, may be a truckers eyes and ears, but it's also the voice of prostitution. The ladies refer to themselves as dates, while truckers call them lot lizards.

"Yeah, they get on your truck, they flash you, ask if you want a date, they ask if you want company," said trucker Ralph Ramos.

ABC 23 staked out the 24-7 truck stop on three different days and nights and each time, the prostitutes were heard communicating via CB radio to truck drivers. Each time they directed the trucks to what's called, "party row," where police say prostitutes meet up with their clients.

"They rarely talk about the acts of prostitution over the CB," said Det. Kavin Brewers of the Kern County Sheriff's Department. "Mostly it's to get truck drivers and then the solicitation for prostitution usually occurs inside the truck cab."

Prostitutes ABC 23 spoke to say they charge on average $10 to $50 for oral sex and $100 for intercourse. Others simply charge for their time.

"My service is my good company with you no matter what I do," said a prostitute by the name of "Jane".

Another prostitute named Tahara said, "It varies, sometimes you make $500 a day sometimes you go home with $50."

Whatever the cost, most truckers say they try to steer clear.

"Oh yeah, some of them look like man, you put a bag on them you need a bag over yourself," said trucker Randy Smith. "Not clean, they smell, you roll down your window to say no and its like whoa! The smell of the scenery is just not right."

On top of that, detectives and truckers ABC 23 spoke to say the prostitutes are usually addicted to cocaine.

"I'm not here to support my drug habit," said Tahara. "I'm here to accomplish a foundation for myself to retire you know. Have something put away."

And while they work to put money away, police say it's hard to put prostitutes away in jail because they have to be caught making a deal to be arrested. Even then, its just a misdemeanor and the girls are often out of jail and working the truck stop within hours.

Tuesday night on ABC 23 News at Six, we take a closer look at the dangerous lifestyles these prostitutes face.

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