Trustee Wants Same-Sex Marriage In County Blocked

A high school trustee is rallying up supporters to stop same-sex marriage in Kern County.

Trustee for the Kern High School District, Ken Mettler, has sent out an e-mail asking his supporters and everyone they know to show up at the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday and voice their opposition to gay marriage in Kern County.

Mettler said he is urging everyone to call their respective supervisor to say that marriage licenses should only be handed out to a man and a woman. Mettler said eight years ago Kern County voted to protect marriage and now wants the democratic process to be respected.

Earlier this month, the county clerks' office said it will no longer solemnize any weddings after June 13 due to staff shortages and space issues.

They will start issuing same-sex marriage licenses on June 17, along with other counties across the California.

The Board of Supervisors will meet Tuesday at 9 a.m. at the Kern County administrative building on Truxtun Avenue.

A constitutional amendment that would define marriage between a man and a woman is slated to appear on the November ballot.

Voters across the state will decide on that amendment then. It's uncertain what will happen to same-sex marriages if that proposition is approved.