UPS Driver Used "Terrorist" As Name Signed For Package

A UPS driver wrote “terrorist” as the signed name for a delivered package, according to the UPS Web site.

Blbar Singh, a Sikh, signed for the package that was delivered to his son’s house.

The family was looking on the UPS Web site for their second package that had not yet come, when they stumbled across the “signed by” section of the package screen.

They found that it was labeled “terrorist.”

The Singh family has lived in Bakersfield for many years and is outraged by this racial comment.

Singh said, “Terrorist is a bad word. People should be educated. Sikhs are not terrorists, not every Muslim is a terrorist.“

Anant Singh, Blbar’s son said, “All of my community who wears a turban and belongs to the Sikh faith are not terrorists. We are a peace-loving people and are part of the community.”

Teg Sidhu, Singh’s friend, said, “Most people may not understand the difference between Sikhs and Muslims, but at least they don’t label every turban-wearing person a terrorist.”

UPS recently changed the “signed by” name on their Web site from terrorist to Singh.

A UPS spokesperson said that they hire several people to assist during the holiday season and is currently in the process of investigating this matter.