New ordinance in Santa Monica makes it illegal for apartment and condo dwellers to smoke

Santa Monica votes on new, tough smoking ban

SANTA MONICA, Calif - SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) -- Smokers will find it tough to light up in Santa Monica residential areas.
   The City Council voted Tuesday night to make it illegal for new apartment and condominium dwellers to smoke.
   The ordinance also forces landlords to ask existing tenants to designate their apartments smoking, non-smoking or decline to disclose. They lose the right to smoke if they fail to register their homes as designated smoking units.
   It's unclear when the new law goes into effect.
   The Santa Monica Daily Press notes it's the third time the City Council tackled no-smoking rules for multi-unit dwellings.
   Some council members in the past had expressed concerns about prohibiting a legal activity in private homes.
   Medical marijuana users also said it violated privacy rights.

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