Vincent Brothers Arrives At San Quentin

One of the most notorious convicted murderers in Kern County history arrived at San Quentin Prison on Monday.

Vincent Brothers was convicted of killing his wife, Joanie Harper; their three children, Marques, Lyndsey and Marshall; and Joanie Harper’s mother, Earnestine.

His family was found dead on July 8, 2003. Brothers was arrested in April 2004.

During Brothers' recent sentencing, the Superior Court judge in the case denied life in prison without the possibility of parole.

A few minutes before Brothers' death sentence was upheld, a mistrial in the case was also denied.

Tear-filled statements were heard from family members at the sentencing.

In a dramatic courtroom statement, Brothers' only surviving child, Margaret Kern-Brothers, 18, gave a powerful statement. She said she was resigning from the Brothers' family, and that after she walked out of the courtroom, she would forever be Margaret Kern.

She said her father was now just "a man handcuffed to a chair" after she spoke tearfully about some of her dead relatives and revealed a suicide attempt when she was younger over being distraught by her family's death.

According to Monday's photo, Vincent Brothers arrived at San Quentin on Oct. 1.

San Quentin, located north of San Francisco, is California's oldest prison. The prison opened in 1852 and used to house both men and women until 1934 when an all-female prison was built in Tehachapi, Calif.

California's death row for men is located at San Quentin. The old gas chamber there has been used to carry out lethal injections.

Brothers is listed on a Wikipedia site as one of San Quentin's most notable inmates.