Witnesses march to protest Kern County Sheriff's deputies and actions in beating of David Silva

Demonstrators call Silva's death an injustice

Witnesses of David Silva's fight with deputies have come together to protest what they call brutality by law enforcement.

The group stood in front of the Beale Library to march and protest what it calls "excessive force."

Witnesses say they don't want anyone to forget what happened to Silva and they want the officers involved to be punished.

One protestor says she's demanding justice because, "There is a lot of corruption in this town and cops are getting away with it."

The FBI is now involved in the investigation and is reviewing confiscated cell phones from witnesses that allegedly recorded the confrontation between Silva and law enforcement.

And while demonstrators say the FBI's involvement provides some relief, they're still worried the cell phone evidence could be destroyed because of investigators "protecting their own."

The FBI in Sacramento tells 23 ABC their investigation is independent of the one being done by the Kern County Sheriff's Office.

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