Bakersfield Reacts To Colorado Tragedy

Moviegoers Here Not Scared Away From Theaters

In Bakersfield the first showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" was already under way when the first news of the Colorado shooting started coming out.

At the Maya Theaters, managers said they have stepped up security in the wake of the Colorado rampage.

At the Reading Cinemas Valley Plaza 16, general manager Jenny Sullivan said the tragedy hasn't affected ticket sales.

She said security was already in place here when the shooting happened in Colorado.

"We have already prepped ourselves. We expected "Dark Knight" to bring a lot of people, so simply because we have a lot of people we have a lot of security," Sullivan said.

All of the moviegoers 23ABC spoke to said they feel safe going to see "The Dark Knight Rises".

"I didn't think something like that could happen here, would happen here. It’s not going to scare me away from it," said moviegoer Jasil Padilla.

"This is Bakersfield and not Colorado, and it doesn't happen everywhere and just because of one incident it doesn't mean it is going to happen in every place," said moviegoer Randy McCracken.

"I feel pretty safe, especially here in Bakersfield, I think our local police do a great job of protecting our citizens," said moviegoer Christopher Guerrero.

Many of the people 23ABC spoke to struggled to understand why someone would open fire in a crowded movie theater.

"What would posses someone to do that -- just people coming to watch a movie, have fun, and somebody ruins their lives like that for no reason," Padilla said.

"I don't think it had anything do with the "Dark Knight" per se. I think that it was just a random act of violence," Guerrero said.

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