New Group Focuses On Motorcycle Safety

There is a new and organization in town whose desire is to assist and encourage safer motorcycling across Kern County.

The group SafeRiders said because of many recent motorcycle accidents, some with fatal results, it has organized and wants to provide more awareness and education to the community.

The group said it is not here to tell riders how to ride or place blame about recent accidents. It wants to provide information, resources and support to better prepare riders for the real-world experiences while on the road.

Through rider clinics and peer coaching, the group plans to cover a variety of topics that will empower motorcyclists to stay safe and have fun while riding.

"We're encouraging anybody that maybe interested in riding or who is already riding to come out. You maybe have someone with 20 years of riding experience or only have been riding for two months. We want aspiring rider or somebody who rides all the time. We want to reach anybody who may want to learn more about what you can do to play a part in being a more attentive driver," said Rosemary Hobbs, Kern County SafeRiders.

Hobbs also said SafeRiders is not a motorcycle club, and doesn't host "bike nights."

The group plans on regular seminars and clinics that educate riders on safety skills, free to anyone interested. Their first meeting was at Beech Park on Monday night and the entire community was invited to attend.

To get in contact with the group about future events, you can find them on Facebook.

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